Thursday, 20 January 2011

Snapshots of commercial and industrial Cardiff

Cataloguing of the records of Cardiff Chamber of Commerce is now complete. Access to the catalogue will soon be made available in the search room of Glamorgan Archives (, and on the National Register of Archives (

One of the highlights of the collection is its extensive set of photographs. Business archives often include photographs, sometimes full series commissioned by the company of their founders or premises, sometimes just individual photographs which accompany documents such as product prototypes.

The Cardiff Chamber of Commerce collection contains over 180 photographs, dating from 1882-1940. They include views of industrial processes, Cardiff docks, troops boarding a vessel (Taloa) during World War I, paddle steamers, portraits of the prominent members of the Chamber and other key businessmen of Cardiff. It also includes a few impressive aerial views of the Barry coastline taken by Aerofilms Ltd, believed to be the UK's first commercial aerial photography company.

View of East Dock at Cardiff, taken Apr 14 1883 by Alfred Freke 
DCOMC/30/2/6 Glamorgan Archives 


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